Meeting Minutes – November 3, 2013

Meeting Minutes for the Annual Pitt County Bassmasters Members Meeting on November 3, 2013

Meeting Location: James Ormond’s House
Meeting Time: 3:00pm
Meeting Minutes:

  1. Motion made to establish tournament schedule locations in advance rather than picking the location the meeting before the tournament weekend
    1. Motion Passed
  2. Motion made to elect new officers
    1. James Ormond for Club President – Motion Passed
    2. Charles Anderson for Vice President – Motion Passed
    3. George Conway for Treasurer/Weigh Master – Motion Passed
    4. Jeffrey Davis, Jr for Secretary – Motion Passed
  3. Motion made to set tournament locations
    1. Tournament locations established – Motion Passed
    2. 12 tournaments through out the year – Motion passed
    3. 1 classic in October – Motion Passed
    4. Times and Ramp locations are voted on during the club meeting prior to the tournament weekend – Motion Passed
  4. Motion made to allow members the right to fish either Saturday or Sunday on the tournament weekend
    1. Members can fish either Saturday or Sunday however they must designate which to the club President on later than midnight the Friday night before the Tournament Weekend – Motion passed
  5. Motion made to disqualify anyone from fishing in the pot unless they’ve paid the $20 entry fee before the tournament officially begins
    1. Anyone who fails to pay before leaving the boat landing will not be eligible for prize/cash rewards – Motion passed