2019 Annual Meeting Notes

The Pitt County Bassmasters held our 2019 Annual Meeting this past weekend. Here are the notes and changes going into the upcoming season. 

Motions And Suggestions

1. Randomly select Classic Location Thursday night before the tournament weekend – failed
2. End of Year Classic shall be on one body of water – failed
3. Removed points awarded for attending club meetings – failed
4. Fish 6 tournaments to be eligible to fish the End of Year Classic – failed
5. The club may not schedule lakes back to back – pass
6. The club may not schedule the same body of water more than twice – fail
7. Can not share information with other tournament anglers during tournament hours – fail
8. Change lake limit from 3 to 1 – fail
9. Require 14 inch fish at all tournament locations – pass
10. Require half off the club tournaments be on lakes – fail
11. Change tournament drops from 4 to 2 – fail
12. Randomly choose tournaments Thursday before tournaments – fail

Club Tournament Schedule

The club officially nominated and voted in the club tournament schedule for the next 12 months including the Club End of Year Classic. Click here to view the schedule.

Club Constitution

The club constitution has been updated and can be viewed by clicking here.