2020 Annual Meeting Notes

The Pitt County Bassmasters held our 2020 Annual Meeting this past weekend. Here are the notes and changes going into the upcoming season.

Motions and Suggestions

  1. Rob Conway resigned as the Club Treasurer
  2. Anthony Horton nominated himself to be the Club Treasurer
    1. The club voted and passed Anthony Horton to be the new club Treasurer
  3. A proposal was made to change the 2 Day Annual Classic Tournament to Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday.
    1. The proposal failed 7-6
  4. A proposal was made to change the required lake tournaments from 3 to 2.
    1. The proposal failed 4-6
  5. A proposal was made to require a minimum of 8 hours for each fishing tournament day.
    1. The proposal passed unanimously
  6. A proposal was made to raise the tournament entry fee to $50.
    1. The proposal failed 4-5

2020 Club Tournament Schedule

The club officially nominated and voted in the club tournament schedule for the next 12 months including the Club End of Year Classic. Click here to view the schedule.